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If eyes are the windows to the soul, then brows are the…well, lately, brows are the path to the bizarre-mundo.

Michelle Bouse, owner of Michelle Bouses’s Beauty Boutique in Burbank, California, specializes in deluxe brow and lash extension services as well as skin care, hair, and makeup. The expertise of Bouse and her team falls under especially fine scrutiny, since their boutique is located within 10 minutes of the nation’s largest entertainment studios, and many clients are celebs. Bouse lifts her own perfectly arched brow at these trends.

“Novelty brows drive me CRAZY!,” says Bouse.  “As a serious brow artist, my goal is to give my client the most gorgeous brow using her own natural shape. I think of the novelty brows more like temporary tattoos or college team face painting.”

Makeup artist Stella Sironen supposedly created the “feather” brow or split brow accidentally, when a middle-part appeared as she was grooming. Word is that she created the caterpillar-like effect using a glue stick to keep the hairs fanned out and stuck in place. We recommend using a cosmetic adhesive  (eyelash glue) versus something from the office supply store, to protect your skin and eyes.

Sironen as well as her followers on social media instantly began adding color graphics to the feathered, like a drawing of the eye of a peacock feather.  Gucci’s Kingsnake collections inspired a red-striped motif (usually drawn in red liquid lipstick), and around the same time something else, we’re not sure what, inspired the “squiggle brow”, where a wiggly, wavy line replaces the classic arch.

If you’re not up for painting, some brow-sters began styling tufts of the brows in opposing directions, to create the “barbed wire” brow – definitely a “Look, but don’t touch” trend.

An alternative: grooming the hairs into a series of points or peaks, to create the “dragon brow”. Pomade and brow-gel keep the sculpted brow-coiffure in place. Some choose to top each peak with a rhinestone, part of a larger trend called the “bauble brow.” This was especially well-documented around the Christmas holiday 2017, where many makeup gurus posted selfies of glitter-flecked brows with tiny sequin Christmas-tree ornaments drawn in below.  Some improvised an actual Christmas tree from the original feathered brow, gluing a star at one end and tipping each “branch” with a tiny sequin.

Scary? Sexy? You tell us.

“Golden Arches” brows inspired by late-night munchies: the brow is

drawn with a black pencil into a huge, upside-down “U” shape.

Probably the biggest brow news turned out to be a bit of a hoax: the braided brow. This was, of course, an effect created with filters and optic tools like Photoshop and Facetune on social media, since several inches (!!!) of brow hair would be needed to create an actual braid.

Other variations are everywhere on your IG, FB, Twitter and beyond, including the “lightning brow”, a wide, dark brow drawn in like a superhero’s lightning bolt.

Not sure?


Here are a few pointers from Michelle Bouse:

  • If you have a specific look or feel you want to express, for a moment, novelty brows can be playful, unique, and possibly entertaining
  • Novelty brows are fun for the runway, fashion type shows, teens, Halloween, parties (specifically “themed” parties)
  • For every day wear I have to say…Please, NO!
  • Beautiful natural brows will always be in style and gorgeous…novelty brows are exactly that, “novelty” and a fad
  • If you are over 30, you may want to think twice.

Of course, if we’re just talking about a grooming style for a wild night, it’s not a permanent decision. Glitter washes off! Bouse does recommend leaving tweezing, cutting and waxing your brows to a professional, since these are more lasting effects and take time to un-do.

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